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Are you a local solar provider looking to quote on residential and commercial solar projects? You probably have a few questions. Please see the Questions and Answers at the bottom of this page.


To enquire about becoming a solar partner, please complete the below enquiry form and we will be in touch with the details that you need.

  • Once Solar Quick Quotes has obtained a signature from one of our clients, the client becomes your client, because the signed agreement will be between your company and the customer.

  • Solar Quick Quotes will then send you a flat-rate referral fee (fixed according to the size of the system) and you will have up to 14 days after installation of the system to pay the referral fee.

  • If your business would like to explore becoming a solar partner, please contact us via the form on this page so that we can send you details, including referral fee details.
  • If you are one of our solar providers, we will send you an email requesting a quote on local solar projects.

  • The email will contain all of the relevant details required for quoting on the project.

  • You then have the opportunity to submit the quote, via email within 3 business days so that our team can review the proposal and prepare a summary checklist for our clients.

  • Solar Quick Quotes will then meet with our clients, presenting your quote and getting the signature from our client.

  • Once Solar Quick Quotes has obtained a signature from one of our clients, the client becomes your client, because the signed agreement will be between your company and the customer.

  • * You are not obliged to prepare a quote on any particular job. It is up to you. If you are too busy, have too much work on or don’t like the look of the project, there is no obligation to quote the project, you can simply send a reply back saying “unable to quote this project” and then we will assign it to another local solar company. You can also “pause” the notifications during times when you are busy, on holidays etc…

  • Your quotes are not shown to your competitors. Quotes are only shown to the consumer who is looking to make a purchase.
Free Solar Leads

You might have seen the above advertisement and now you want to find out more about this opportunity. This page is the right place to learn more. 

We provide solar companies with local solar leads. No sale means no cost! You only pay a referral fee if there is a sale made.

  • It might initially seem counter-intuitive to position your company and quote as “one of 3”, but the reality is, that almost everyone who is serious about spending thousands of dollars on SOLAR for their home or business, WILL ALREADY go and get 2 to 4 quotes.

  • Customers will likely also do some research of their own regarding pricing. So you are almost always already competing with other local companies and many times with a friend or close contact of the customer.

  • Quoting on solar is similar to a tendering process. You need to put your best product and pricing forward and allow the customer to choose the best deal.

  • If your solar package is competitive, it has a very good chance of being successful. 

A better question to ask would be, “How many solar deals over the next 12-months would I be willing to pay a referral fee for, if I can make those sales without the need to hire more sales people or pay any retainers, bonuses, superannuation or sick leave on?”

  • Keep in mind, you only pay if there is a sale, so there is no financial outlay or risk.

  • If you can generate a quote and send it via email and provide a great product, installation and service, then this is a great way to grow your business without the need to invest any money on sales.

  • If your solar packages are priced correctly, then the Solar Quick Quotes referral model is a sure way to get the return that you have calculated, every time, without the disappointment of having to pay sales people for an outcome that they haven’t delivered on.

Solar Quick Quotes use a number of local solar providers. Some of the solar providers have finance options available for their customers, but if not,  you can contact a company like https://www.energyease.com.au/ to organise it. Some customers require a finance option and we will find out this information as early as possible from our clients, so that solar companies that provide a finance option are able to quote the project. 

  • Our service is 100% free for consumers (the purchasers).

  • We do not charge the solar companies anything for the opportunity to quote, we only charge the solar companies a referral fee, if their quote is successful.

  • We are paid the same flat referral fee by the solar providers, so our advice to consumers is honest and unbiased.

  • The consumers do not pay for our service, they pay the solar company that they choose to proceed with, directly for their solar product. It’s similar to the way that mortgage brokers can get you the best finance option and the bank pays them a referral fee – it’s free for the consumer.

  • The solar isn’t free, but the quotes and advice from Solar Quick Quotes are free for the consumer.

We provide free solar quotes for Australian consumers and affordable solar leads for local solar companies. 

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